Thursday, 16 June 2011

Re Demption Song

Rewrote the lyrics to this classic song by Bob Marley .  Almost felt sacriligious at the time but was compelled to let out my thoughts on the coalition policies. This was back on 25th January - and since then a lot of the proposals mentioned have been shelved.

Oh Cameron yes he rob us,
Sold Woods to the plunderers.
Minutes after he tooks funds
from the universitys' purse.

...And the NHS was made wrong,
by the hand of them old tory.
We failing this generation,

Won't you help to save,
this land from tories.
Cos all they do is bad,
and lasts too long.

Yes all they do is bad
and the damage is long.

Emancipate UK from tory policy,
from their unfair, twisted lies.
Have no truck with their inequality,
cos they'll get to you in time.

How long shall they reap the profits
while so many lose their jobs?
They say its just to clear the debt,
but thats just to fob us off.

Wont you help to rid,
this land of tories.
Cos all they do is bad,
and lasts too long.

And all we ever had,
it will be gone.

And apologies to Bob,
for spoiling this song,
this song of freedom.
But Cameron made me mad,
and should be gone.

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